Impressions of Joy from Diane Monet

A Few Samples from Ms. Monet's Portfolio

Miss Monet has created more than 500 original works of art, a sample of which are shown below. Her paintings - vibrant, optimistic and inviting - stand in proud contradistinction to those that seek to be dark, shocking, and reserved for the cognoscenti. Her work was once described as "unabashedly beautiful." On all levels, whether visual, spiritual, or emotional, a Monet is clearly meant to be enjoyed - and shared!


She Paints six days a week. The amount of time required for each painting is considerable, since her technique requires adding many layers - and each must slowly dry before the next can be applied - to achieve the depth and luminosity for which she is known. She may work on a single painting over several months. Her originals vary in size from 11"x14" up to 30"x30".